Protect your home with a standby generator

After the horrendous storms of the last few years, many homeowners are asking John Duffy Energy Services to install backup generators. These units start up almost immediately after you lose power, allowing you to continue enjoying the comforts of home or go on with your business.

Available in a range of kilowatt output capacities, our natural gas generators from leading manufacturers like Generac and Kohler feature an automatic transfer switch that starts the generator when a power outage occurs, regardless of whether you are at your property or away!

Depending on the unit you choose, your generator can keep your lights on, your air conditioning or furnace keeps running, the food in your refrigerator cold and essential medical equipment operating. You’ll have a reliable on-site source of power to help you get through the damaging effects of extreme weather until the utility trucks get the lines repaired.

John Duffy Energy Services installs generators for all types of homes, large or small, and provides generator options for whole-house or partial backup power.

No matter what generator you choose, you can count on reliable, safe power, backed up by industry-leading manufacturer warranties and a 100% satisfaction guarantee from John Duffy Energy Services.

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