Sample Reports

At John Duffy Energy Services, we’re dedicated to helping businesses save money. That’s why we offer on-site fleet fueling clients both daily and weekly reports. If you’re located in Essex, Union, Middlesex, Morris or Hudson County, NJ, contact us to learn more about our fuel delivery services and to see if you’re located in one of our service areas.

Comprehensive Daily And Weekly Reports

Keep track of your fueling expenses with ease thanks to daily and weekly reports from John Duffy Energy Services. Each report includes easy-to-read data, including how much fuel each vehicle required, the price per gallon, the total number of gallons used, the grand total and invoice numbers. Check out our sample reports to see how easy it is to monitor and track your fleet’s fueling with John Duffy.

Experience The Best In Commercial Fuel

In addition to comprehensive reports, when you sign up for on-site fleet fueling through John Duffy Energy Services, you’ll be able to cut costs and boost driver productivity. To see how much you could be saving with our fuel delivery, make sure to perform a cost analysis using our simple savings calculator. Once you input your current fueling information into the required fields, you’ll be able to see the cost to fuel each truck, the daily cost to fuel your fleet, the fuel cost per gallon and the approximate amount lost annually due to low worker productivity. It’s that easy.

Since 1891, John Duffy Energy Services has been devoted to providing first-rate residential and commercial energy services to customers throughout Northern and Central New Jersey, including Newark, Elizabeth, Jersey City, Edison and East Orange. Put our experience and knowledge to the test with on-site fleet fueling services. Call us today at 1-800-246-3516. Our representatives are standing by 24/7 to offer support to NJ businesses.


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