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Four generations of family ownership

John Duffy Energy Services has been a family-owned and operated company since its 1891 inception. Its history spans four generations, but what remains consistent is the people-first attitude and customer-driven approach to sales and service that make the company tick. Whether you’re a residential or a commercial customer, looking for HVAC solutions or fleet fueling options, John Duffy Energy Services has staff members who are eager and equipped to provide you with peerless service and the very best products.

Meet the John Duffy Management Team:

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John Duffy

John Duffy holds a degree in chemical engineering and can claim 46 years of experience in the home energy industry. What he is most proud of is his company's reputation for sterling service. Duffy says his company has been providing exceptional products and standard-setting customer service for more than 120 years, and his goal for the company's future is nothing less than seeing it continue to offer quality energy solutions at reasonable prices and with friendly, caring service.

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Ted Duffy President

Ted Duffy has been working in the fuel industry for 21 years now--but of course, he's been around it even longer. John Duffy Energy Services is very much a family business, and Ted Duffy was literally raised in the home heating oil business. Building upon his family experience, Duffy obtained a mechanical engineering degree and then spent seven years at an engineering firm where he obtained his professional engineering license and master plumbing license.

According to Duffy, the company is built on the twin foundations of exceptional value--that is, great service at a fair price--and honesty in addressing customer needs as reliably as possible. Simply put, he wants John Duffy Energy Services to be a business known for doing what it says, and for offering customers superior service they can depend on.

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Harry Simone, Vice President

Harry Simone has heating oil sales in his blood. He grew up in a family that had its own heating oil business, Simone Bros. Fuel Oil Co., and Simone remembers riding along with his dad on nighttime and weekend service calls. At age 15 he started working in the business office after school, and upon high school graduation he became a full time employee; all along, Simone was taught the importance of a strong work ethic, and the value of providing customers the best possible service.

Those same virtues are upheld at John Duffy Energy Services, too, so when the company acquired Simone Bros. in 2004, it was a smooth transition for Harry. Having now spent more than half his life working hard in the fuel industry, Simone remains committed to developing the reputation of John Duffy Energy Services as a business based on excellent products and peerless customer service.

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Marc Kresky, Customer Service Manager

With a degree in business and economics, coupled with 35 years of experience in the heating oil industry, Marc Kresky is devoted to furthering the John Duffy Energy Services by holding true to its time-tested values of honesty, reliability, and dependable service. Indeed, as the company's customer service manager, he makes it a top priority to analyze a customer's needs and provide the ideal solution, as efficiently and as effectively as possible!

Kresky says that his job is, in large part, to provide the kind of service that will create long-term relationships between John Duffy Energy Services and its customers. What that means is implementing teamwork and professionalism to provide the kind of assured service that will inspire confidence and faith in everything Kresky and his team are doing.


Craig Gurski, Senior HVAC Consultant

Craig Gurski has 30 years of experience in residential and commercial sales and service design installation. Craig began his experience in the field just after high school graduation and attended Bergen Technical School for HVAC. He worked to provide outstanding service to communities for 15 years, and has now been a part of the management team for an additional 15 years. Craig is committed to providing honest service to our customers through his attention to detail and hard work.

Office Address
465 Mulberry St Newark NJ 07114-2736

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 5610, Newark, NJ 07105